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several years ago, I decided to create a comic about a serial killer in Arkansas,

unfortunately, I just kind of made it up as I went along, and it really didn't go anywhere, so I got frustrated, and decided to come up with a SCRIPT first, then draw it. unfortunately, since then, I've moved four times, gotten married, became a father, and had 6 different jobs,. now it's still in the works, mind you, just slowly. For now, I will post random pictures of characters, and whatever else I might deem cool. so, Enjoy!

10/05/09 managed to get a few posted, and several more in the works. I’m working on putting some comic pages up, even if they’re just filler, and not the actual storyline. I’ve got more idea than ability to merge idea it seems..


anything that has any kind of dialogue is my old comic, Dies Irae. enjoy it I guess, heh. it'll be gone soon 
P.R. Scholtz is a Farrier in Kansas City Mo. His wife can beat up your Dad.
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these cats are cool,

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